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How Great Is Our God! Bible Companion

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Ours is an age of noisy activity and muted hopelessness. With the responsibilities of marriages, children, friends, jobs, and any number of other obligations, few of us have the luxury of thinking beyond the needs of today—or so we believe. But when we lay down our heads at night, we sense a strange longing in our souls for something more—something that cannot be filled with more things to do. We long for transcendence, a hope that life is more than waking, working, eating, and sleeping.

Life is more than that, but we must slow down because in the bustle we've missed the most important thing in life . . . we've missed God. He whispers: “Shh. Be still. Come; get to know Me.”

This Bible Companion will introduce you to or reacquaint you with our great God. You'll find rest in the magnificence of the Father, forgiveness in the love of the Son, and power in the filling of the Holy Spirit. God is what your soul desires. Once you cease your striving and come to Him, your life will never truly be hopeless again.

164-page softcover Bible Companion (12 chapters)

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